About us

FloJo is a family company: there’s Flo (mum), there’s Jo (dad) and there’s baby Po (who did not quite make it into the brand name).

Like all new parents, Flo and Jo were inexperienced in the handling of a baby. Like all newborns, Po needed numerous nappy changes every day. Each nappy change brought battles with buttons, fights with tights and slips with zips. Ouch.


Flo and Jo despaired: “if only we had easy, practical, comfy clothing for Po!” But they also wanted something funky and fresh without any fuss. Their quest was fruitless: they found funky but fussy or no-fuss but no-fresh.

So they just had to make it. And make it properly, with consideration for the world Po would grow up in. They vowed to source their material ethically, with social and environmental sustainability.

Thus FloJo was born!
We hope you like our romper suits.

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