FloJo Baby use only 100% recycled, recycleable or biodegradable packing

Every one of our products is hand wrapped ready for delivery. All of the materials used in our packaging are 100% recycled or recyclable.

FloJo Baby clothes are packaged with recycled materials

We wrap your purchase in 100% recycled tissue paper before placing it in a 100% recycled polythene envelope and posting it out to you.

The only thing that is not recycled is the documents enclosed envelope but we encourage you to follow these tips on the reuse of these envelopes.

Even our ‘Documents Enclosed’ envelopes are biodegradable!

Our rompers make the ideal gift to any parent with a young baby or even a little gift to yourself 😉 Not only do we wrap each romper by hand but every one we sell is part of a unique collection and gets individually numbered before being sent out.

Each FloJo Baby romper is stamped with a unique number

We use 100% recycled materials for the clothing ticket too, which is printed using soya based inks. (Big thanks to Marc The Printers for printing the FloJo tickets!)