Our Ethics

At FloJo we understand that sourcing ethically and with environmental consideration is about more than just using fairly traded organic materials or relying on certifications as a rubber stamp.

That’s why chose to work closely with Mantis World who produce all of our designs.

Mantis World work closely with locally-owned businesses to minimise environmental impact and actively promote self-sustaining growth in each community.

From the picking of luxurious cotton in East Africa, to stitching of the finished garment, Mantis World follow the same charter of good working practices and fair wages. In collaboration with their partner factories around the world, they use a transparent supply chain you can trust.

Mantis World appreciate the value of everyone who contributes to making our clothing and ensure they work in fair conditions for a fair wage. Beyond this, they put back into local communities through training and support of community projects.

These are just some of the reasons FloJo chose to work in partnership with Mantis World:

  • No child labour
  • No forced labour
  • No physical disciplinary measures
  • No migrant workforce
  • No discrimination of any kind
  • Fair wages, reasonable working hours and overtime pay in accordance with local legislation
  • Freedom of association and rights to collective bargaining
  • Factories maintain close ties with relevant Trade Unions to ensure safe, healthy and fair working conditions
  • Paid maternity leave
  • A clean, healthy and safe work environment
  • On-site health clinics run by health professionals
  • Policy of social accountability
  • Anti-bribery policy
  • Anti-corruption policy
  • Protection and preservation of the local environment including:
    • Consideration for scarce resources
    • Careful waste management including Effluent
    • Treatment Plants
    • Policy to reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Every country and every community is different, so our factories provide different benefits based on local needs. Some of these additional benefits at our partner factories in Tanzania, Turkey, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh include:
    • Free or subsidised meals
    • Free standard medication and health education
    • Free transport
    • Onsite childcare facilities
    • Free housing or housing allowance
    • Food assistance for employees’ families
    • Holiday day trips for management and staff
    • ISO14001 environmental management standards
    • Support of local community groups

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